DeWitt Public Schools Google Apps Page

Gmail-Use your Google e-mail account to build e-mail groups and communicate with others at DPS.
calendar Calendar-Schedule events and keep group calendars.
documents Documents-The most powerful of the apps.  Word process, create spreadsheets and presentations.
sites Sites-Create a cool web site in minutes!
contacts Contacts-Manage your e-mail groups and contact list.
DeWitt Public Schools is working with Google to provide a suite of online applications for use in the school district.  Just like regular Google Apps, these documents, spreadsheets, presentations, calendar and web sites are available for use anywhere the web is available.  Every DeWitt student and teacher is eligible for an account.  Use the links here to access the applications.

Contact the Technology Office if you have any questions.

DeWitt Technology Department
DeWitt Google Apps Tip Sheet
Training documents from GAPPS @ DPS Training
To learn more about using Google Apps, view this Tutorial or this Video:

Google Docs in Plain English